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Terre Haute Triathlon Tips:

A general guide for first-time triathletes, and those new to the course, your experience may vary.

Check-in and Pre-Race Transition Area:
Check in the morning of includes packet pickup if you did not get this complete the night before, then getting marked before walking into the transition area with your bike and run equipment.

The layout of the transition area makes it generally equal no mater which bike rack you select. You will want to position your bike with the brake hoods over the top of the rack. Usually you put your helmet upside down on your aero bars, or having the strap hang over the handlebar. Have your running and optionally your cycling shoes placed under and to the side along with any other gear needed. You might want to put a towel down just beside your bike, with your equipment on top. Only athletes are allowed in the transition area any time before, during and after the race.

Pre-race meeting:
At 7:50 a.m. have your wetsuit, swimming goggles and cap, on or in hand and head to the lake front for the pre-race meeting. We will talk over the course, USA Triathlon rules and any last minute details. Consider warming up in the swim a bit before the meeting to get used to the water and sighting.

Swim Start:
Elite wave will go at 8:00 a.m. with everyone else going 10 seconds apart, two at a time. If you are not a fast swimmer or comfortable swimming in open water, line up to the back and let the faster swimmers go first. Stay just to the left of the buoys during your swim. It is highly recommended to have a wetsuit since the water will likely be cool, and the added buoyancy of the wetsuit adds both safety and speed. Nerves tend to be a bit high during the swim for even experienced swimmers, so it is important to stay relaxed, and think positive thoughts (helps me).

It is also highly recommended that you practice navigating by being able to look straight ahead at a glace during the swim every 6 / 8 strokes. As you can imagine, it is very different than swimming in a pool with clear lane lines. The better you can navigate, the better you will feel, and it can cut down on wasting effort by swimming off course.

Swim Exit:
As you start to exit the water, start unzipping your wetsuit before removing your cap and goggles. Consider having a pair of sandals or the like near the swim finish since you have to jog several hundred yards to the transition area.

T1 (Swim to Bike)
Enter the gate and head to your bike. Pull your wetsuit off, strap your helmet on, then change your shoes before running/walking your bike to the start line. Helmet chin strap must be fastened before you mount your bike. Consider having your bike jersey on under your wetsuit for faster transition.

Stay to the right except to pass. No drafting will be allowed per USA Triathlon rules. Course will be open to some traffic, so be careful to watch for cars at all times. The course will cross two intersections with police stopping traffic. Please be careful to watch both directions before going through (as you know cars are unpredictable). You will be riding out 20k, turning around at a cone in the middle of the road, and then heading back the same 20k to the transition area. No sag assistance can be accepted outside of race officials.

Also please note that due to new construction there is now a round about at approximately miles 3 & 4 on the bike course course. Please adjust your speeds accordingly when you are going through this section.

T2 (Bike to Run)
Stop at the entrance to the transition area at the same location you started the bike. You must walk/run your bike from that point to the rack you started. Return your bike with the brake hoods over the top bar, remove helmet, (optionally change shoes), and head out the run exit. This is the same as the swim entrance.

The run course heads out into the park with the lake to your right. You will then turn on to a grass and dirt trail to the rear exit of the park, and take a right turn onto the paved Heritage Road National Trail. At the half way point you will turn around a cone in the middle and head back to the park. After entering the park, you will run on grass and dirt trails around to the opposite side of the lake and finish at the beach house where it all started.

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