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Out Run the Undead! Zombie Run

Zombie Survival
5k Obstacle Course
Saturday October 24th 2015
Location: Fowler Park 2964 E. Oregon Church Rd
All Waves Launch: 12:00 P.M.

Race Day Registration and Packet Pick-up opens up at 10:30 a.m. at the Covered Bridge Shelter


Time is running out for you and your band of survivors. However the medical team in your science department believe that they may have found a cure. We lost contact with the scientists when they were attacked on their way back from transporting the antidote here. We need that formula now!

Will you be able to brave zombies and obstacles to bring back a cure? It's time to decide. Will you be a Hero? Or lunch?


You will enter an obstacle course that is overrun by the undead. Your goal is to navigate the course and find the cure while keeping your health flags intact. The zombies will not touch you except to attempt to tear your flags from your belt. If all of your health flags are taken you are infected but you can still complete the course with the rest of the field.

Entry Fee:

  • Individual (Zombie Survivalist)
  • $30 - until May 23rd
  • $35 - until June 23rd
  • $40 - until July 23rd
  • $45 - until August 23rd
  • $50 - until September 23rd
  • $55 - until October 23rd
  • $65 - Race Day
  • 5 person team (Survivor Crew)
  • $125 - until May 23rd
  • $145 - until June 23rd
  • $165 - until July 23rd
  • $185 - until August 23rd
  • $205 - until September 23rd
  • $225 - until October 23rd
  • $255 - Race Day
  • 10 person team (Survivor Colony)
  • $200 - until May 23rd
  • $225 - until June 23rd
  • $250 - until July 23rd
  • $275 - until August 23rd
  • $300 - until September 23rd
  • $325 - until October 23rd
  • $350 - Race Day

What You Get:

  • A sweet Zombie Survival t-shirt
  • Custom Zombie Bib Number
  • Hero or Infected Merchandise
  • Post Race Refreshments and food
  • Free Entry into Post Race Costume Contest for prizes
  • Bring your friends out for Zombie Survival! Run the course then compete together against other teams for post race prizes!
  • Post Race Games T.B.A.
  • If you just came to watch the run you can play in the Post Race games for $5.00


  • If you lose 3 flags you are infected but you can complete the course.
  • Do not shove, grab, or touch a zombie. (This is grounds for immediate ejection from the course.)
  • Do not grab dropped flags for your belt.
  • Real Zombie Survivors don't cheat. Do not attach the flags to your person in anyway except the original way they are attached to the belt. (No tying them on, tucking in between legs, etc.)
  • Stay on the designated course. Real Zombie Survivors face the danger.


This years course will take place within Vigo County's beautiful Fowler Park. The route will take place on a variety of terrains. (Bridges, spooky log cabin villages, gravel, hills, trails, and other rough off road terrain!


We will not reveal exactly what the obstacles consist of but we will reveal that a few of our most popular obstacles will be returning and participants will be facing new difficult obstacles that will test their speed, strength, agility, and brain!


Please enter in the front entrance to Fowler Park located on Oregon Church Road. You will take a left and head to the back of the park you will see a very large parking lot. Please park in the designated parking spots.

Check in/Packet Pick up:

Packet Pick up and runner check in will be located at the shelter next to the covered bridge on the backside of the park. It's big you won't be able to miss it!

2014 Race Photos

Transfer/Refund Policy: No refunds will be given unless the event must be canceled. In the case that the event is canceled you will receive back your participant fee. Transfers for extreme circumstances are not promised but will be considered at the sole discretion of the Race Director with written notice up until the final week before the race. Transfers will only be given for another 2015 event at equal or lesser value.